Website Management

Management is just that, the monitoring & proactive supervision of in this case a marketing tool, your website.  But too often in the everyday demands of business we forget about website management.  Why?? I can’t explain it as we in digital marketing do it like second nature, we manage our key marketing tool as we see as value…

Maybe that’s it, a large number of business owners see website management as a waste of valuable time, a marketing tool that only needs the odd update, the odd glance, the odd reply to an enquiry etc… The value proposition isn’t there maybe in their eyes compared to say the accounts, answering the phone, placing a newspaper advert, closing deals..

Too often I find that companies leave the chore of the website management to a junior or an intern or the MD who has a thousand other things to do.  Thus with lack of supervision, guidance, strategy etc the website management becomes another marketing investment that had to be done but did nothing for the business.  Why?? Because it was not managed as an asset, a worthy investment that requires time, effort, consideration & input, not just now but continuously.

So what can one do about website management?  What can one achieve with making an effort?  Can a website bring in business?

To answer these questions, just stop for a few days & look at the media, look at the successful companies, consider what they are doing smarter, look at how they are communicating with their markets…   Then watch television, watch how advertising has changed, how companies are trying to connect with their customers even more with website addresses, hashtags for topics on twitter & facebook, offer codes etc, etc, all directing to online…to websites thats are managed, #websitemanagement

You see thats where the market is now, just look at your own children, where are they spending their time…. Online????? Are you convinced or are you going to keep ignoring the trend!!

Here is the pitch…. Do you have a website?  Is website management an issue? Could you do with some help online??

Look no further, give me a call today & I will be delighted to help, Michael Moran 086-6024850