Inbound Marketing with Digital36o

Marketing is a form of communication, putting your best foot forward to let potential customers know about your business/service/opinion/ideas etc.. Every day we market ourselves in our presentation for work, how we speak, how we treat customers, the more successful ones in marketing their product/service get more time with customers, capture their interest & yes ultimately their business..  But as we push ourselves out there with products & services, we as customers are being bombarded with too much noise…. a white noise that becomes ineffective as we become less responsive to marketing… Thus the consideration of inbound marketing, a form of communication/marketing that encourages customers interest, awareness, rather then that white noise…

Inbound marketing is a method of targeting your potential customers with useful information, relevant to your service & displaying your ability to provide that need simply & effectively.  Thus rather then blitzing potential customers with loud marketing methods that often become white noise to customers, inbound marketing involves highlighting your service through email, blogs, social media etc to encourage your potential customers to stop & consider you, your service rather then another..

As customers needs grow & their desire to research/google before considering a service, it has finally dawned on marketeers that all the shouting in the world/advertising/marketing doesn’t matter if the information isn’t there to back it up.. This is where inbound marketing comes into its own.  When you have a considered approach to your service, with a clear service outline, customers will start coming to you as through their own research they will have gathered the correct information to make an informed decision to use you & no other.  That reach out/contact has the potential to develop into a long lasting, advocate relationship as you have ticked all the right boxes & are proven capable to satisfy the needs of your client.

To satisfy this content, information, strategy, we here at Digital36o have developed an inbound marketing service which includes a range of key services to help satisfy this need for information & give your potential customers a reason to consider you before any others in your market.  We can help develop a strategy that fits your service, optimising your online presence, shaping your social media strategy & delivering an impressive portfolio that not only gains your potential customers attention but encourages them to make contact & use your service rather then your competitors..