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Managing your Digital Marketing, is a smart service we have developed for your business.  With more & more enquiries about online issues, confused knowledge, rising costs, lost & confused interns, we have come up with the ideal solution.  It comes in three great options but the core is we can manage your website, digital footprint, social media, pay per click, basically all your digital marketing needs for a fraction of the cost of employing a full time digital marketer.

To explain these cost savings, we have taken the time to consider the jobs market in the last couple of years & noticed there is an even greater demand for digital marketing managers.  The average wage seems to be starting at around €24,000 plus & depending on qualifications, organisation needs etc, the cost per employee alone can run into the €40,000 plus mark per year.  Great if you can afford it but imagine if you could get the same type of help, but better for a fraction of the cost… Well we have the solution & it is as simple as signing up with us today!!

Yes we can save you over 80% of the cost of employing a full time digital marketing manager & that’s at the starting average wage of €24,000 per year.  How you might ask, well we have built a team of specialists, each experts in their own fields who strive for digital excellence.  Effectively in one package we can manage everything from your website updates, to image designs, social media management to adwords campaigns, from marketing strategy to digital innovation, simply & easily.  Whats more you only have to deal with one person, your dedicated account digital marketing manager who works with you proactively to help promote your business online.

No more Confusion

No more Compromises

Just Clarity, Performance & Dedication

Our approach is marketing first, then the technical things, as your customers are our priority & growing your business, our ambition..

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