Digital Agency

When establishing Digital36o we undertook a considerable amount of research with a large number of companies who were advertising for a digital agency sales manager or marketing consultant with digital capability & understanding.  Each highlighted the same key issues, yes we have applicants, yes they are qualified, college educated, degrees, masters etc but they are lacking the range of skills required.  Namely skills like

  • marketing experience,
  • digital expertise,
  • coding experience,
  • photoshop capability/banners,
  • social media strategy,
  • experience in dealing with a broad customer base

The list can be endless but the one thing in common is that these companies want/need a range of expertise all in the one person which is proving almost impossible to find… In our opinion, that’s because the range of skills needed are very broad & often times required two/three people to satisfy them as each is very specialised & to be an expert requires dedication & knowledge for each given area.

Thus we in Digital36o have developed a digital agency service to satisfy these needs.. Firstly we want you to consider the following;

  1. Do you need a fulltime Digital Marketing agency Manager?
  2. Can you find a person capable of satisfying all your marketing needs?
  3. Do you just need a quick solution?
  4. How often do you do specials? Are you feeling your way & just need some guidance?
  5. Can you afford a fulltime digital manager?

These are just some questions to get you thinking?  Maybe its not a Digital Marketing Agency Manager that you need but a Digital Agent!!

We are Digital36o offer a unique digital marketing service where we can satisfy your digital needs, all at a much lower cost, on an agency basis where we are just a phonecall away.  Our Digital Agency service provides you with an all round service that includes such services as;

  • Banner design & implementation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content writing for articles/blogs
  • Social Media integration
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Designs for print advertising
  • Onsite SEO, keyword research/analysis
  • Advertising reviews

We individually price each project & offer you the opportunity to consider our inbound marketing services which are very competitive & allow you to work more full-time with our dedicated team..