IEDR Liberalisation of dot IE Domain Names

IEDR Liberalisation of dot IE Domain Names is a fascinating proposal & one that Irish business owners need to be made very aware of when &if it comes to fruition, any dot IE domain name can be claimed by any person with any real connection to the Island of Ireland.

It states on the IEDR website (the body set up to manage the dot IE domain registration process in Ireland) that, in their words:

We are proposing to remove the ‘claim to the name’ requirement from the IEDR’s Registration & Naming Policy. The ‘claim to the name’ refers to the requirement on registrants to prove a legitimate claim when applying for a new dot ie domain.

Registrants will still need to prove their real connection to the island of Ireland, and their identity, when applying for a dot ie domain.

Follow this link to the IEDR Website for more information. This will mean a considerable loosening of the registration process. Prior to this, the process involved registering your domain name (note you can only register what is available, as in there is no guarantee your business name is available when you go to set up your business) & then sending on proof of business name on headed company paper, outlining your intention to use the dot IE domain for your business. Thus a business owner had some type of protection for their business name.

Now with this new proposal, the onus is going to fall more on a business owner to ensure their domain names are properly registered & more importantly, that they are renewed each year there after. If not, anyone could potentially, just register a dot IE domain name once they prove their real connection to the Island of Ireland (not sure how that is going to work).

Now this is just a consultation process as no emphatic decision as been made, they are hoping to introduce it in early 2018. This means there still is time to give your opinion  on this new proposal. You can have your say by following this link IEDR Consultation  & closing date is the 30th of September 2017. It involves answering 10 short questions & room to give your opinion as to why you agree or not. You also have to provide your name & email address to submit your opinion.

For a business owner that is setting up or has been trading for a number of years, the idea of a potential competitor getting ahead start on their identity or brand is a scary scenario. Yes the IEDR offer a Dispute Resolution Policy for handling dot ie domain disputes. They are even discussing simplifying this process or speeding it up, but how much more work will a business owner have to do to challenge another business using a domain name potentially related to their business.

Yes we all love the idea of a faster solution to registration processes, but by liberalising this process, is the whole confidence in the very system being diluted & encouraging potential abuse of the system. Take for example a business with the imaginary name Water Taps. This business may not have had the chance or inclination to register their domain name or maybe they only registered the domain name in .com. Thus say any other competitor could have tried to register the but would have been stopped as they would not have been able to satisfy their claim to the name. But with the new proposed changes, all a competitor has to prove their real connection to the Island of Ireland.

Once the domain is registered the competitor can work away until the victim notices it & then has to go through a process to prove why they should have had the right to ownership. While going through this process the legit business is losing potential business & money.

10 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

10 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing is not the ultimate guide to marketing but some real reasons to think about outsourcing rather than try to do it all in house. Hiring your own digital marketing person/manager takes time, can be trial & error with the risk that once they are trained up, they may move on again!! Alternatively, you could consider the following & outsource;

  1. Are you at a desk all day? No one is better able to answer that then you & your team. I know there is mobile & marvelous apps, even ones that will claim to do the almost impossible, but rushing, dashing, leaving it all until Friday afternoon, is proven not to be very effective. A typical business owner is a versatile, dynamic, enthusiastic, responsive, quick thinker, in the moment manager, do they really have the time to engage & manage their digital marketing as well?
  2. Do you like to do the small things? The majority of business owners I know, love the small things, like to see them completed as they know this is what can annoy a customer,  even make the difference, but they don’t have the time, can’t do it all & this can really frustrate them. Like for the example having to do a Facebook post a day, getting the wording just right, keeping an eye on comments, reacting to a competitors offering, putting a smiley emoji in their response. Yep the small things that can make all the difference online!
  3. How often do you engage on social media? It’s a simple question, but how often do you as a business owner go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, etc, etc. Do you monitor competitors, watch the evolving trends, look at what is working & more importantly what is not working! It’s so easy not to download the Apps or even block up your media feeds with loads of general content, but if you want to compete, you need to be involved. No point being the best kicker of the ball if you are not on the field as they say.
  4. Can you use the different media? To pursue this line of thinking, can you tweet, snap, post, blog, search for keywords, monitor the adwords etc? Or do you leave that to the younger ones? Yep that’s what it takes, not just talking about it but taking the leap & actually walking the walk. It’s really easy to plan & discuss, highlight & mention, but actually putting it out there with confidence is another completely different thing. Oh & then monitoring the spend+impact+results!
  5. Adding imagery. This area is a potential mine field for business owners as they open themselves up to organisations that often specialise in offering excellent imagery, easy to source but with a catch. Basically if you use images online that belong to someone else & you do not have their permission/ ownership rights or even acknowledge where the image was sourced, you could potentially get a large bill several months later, not only for displaying the image but for it’s use during that defined period. To safeguard your business, please purchase or take your own images. There are image stock services out there that are relatively cheap online or if you can, upload your own personalised ones, related to your service, as these are a lot more engaging. Remember the old saying, a picture tells a thousand words, it’s never been more important then nowadays when using digital marketing.
  6. Enhancing the meaning. Can you add a message to your imagery? Images with a key message offers even more meaning for the end customer/user. This is a proven fact as businesses try to catch the busy, browsing customers attention. Like Sky News gave us the rolling bar of constant news, nowadays the busy person needs to get the message meaning/context there & then, not spend time wondering, thinking, trying to figure out what your business is trying to actually say/sell. In reality the modern day digital consumer won’t bother, they will give it up to five seconds & will just scroll on. (Think for a moment how you browse online, your patience level, your engagement approach until you find what you are looking for, not long at all is it?)
  7. Extending the content available. Really not a difficult thing to do, but so many businesses out there spend more time on the actual message, the short inviting text, the sharp image & then falter at the end line by not delivering the potential customer to concise information related to the offering they first saw. Or they leave out a link, forget to shorten it or offer a clumsy redirect that takes this hard fought customer’s attention to general information. Think as a customer or end user, what do they need to know to purchase a product/service. Is your offering detailed enough, ticking all the boxes, attractive enough that a customer will just pick up the phone or purchase there & then. Too often businesses don’t inform the customer enough about how great they are & effective their solution is. This is where a strong competitor will benefit the most if they invest more on their customer journey & content.
  8. Protecting your brand. This area is challenging online as a brand is only as strong as the protectors of it. Take for example an image you take, maybe a location image or a product image, can you or are you placing your logo on it? You not only protect your image somewhat, but you also take ownership & give your audience more confidence in your profile online. Alternatively, are you setting policy guidelines with your clients/re-sellers as to how they handle your content or is it an open playing field while you do all the work. By simply placing your logo on your images, even protecting your content on your website, you will probably help discourage others from simply benefiting from your efforts. (This will not guarantee it, but will help stop the simple copy & paste users)
  9. Loving it. Do you like the whole digital marketing, digital media, social media thing? Are you likely to jump out of bed in the morning to tweet the latest news, or write a blog about your achievements, products or research the valuable keywords & complete title tags, descriptions etc. Yes it’s not glorious work, but to a digital marketer it is bread & butter stuff to help extend your digital reach online.
  10. Collaboration. The old adage a problem shared is a problem halved. Or two minds are better then one are never more true then in the case of social media & digital marketing. Why? Because the challenge is not just engaging the local area, the familiar customer base, the national attention, but potentially a global reach. Language considerations, context, offerings relevant to defined audience, you name it there is a lot to plan, organise & schedule. So why try to do it all your self when we can brain storm, make suggestions, agree methodology, hammer out the context, evolve the plan & follow up the results.

Not the gospel, not the entire solution, not even a guarantee you will get more business, but outsourcing your digital marketing can help address a lot of the issues highlighted above. We at Digital36o can offer a simple solution, one where joint collaboration can lead to more success as we become part of your team. What’s more, you get to save money as we work in our own office, sit at our own desks, pay our own bills & really love what we do. You just give us the direction & we will take the lead.

For all your digital marketing needs, just give us a call today & we can get a plan going right away, leaving you to do what you do best!! Give us a call on 044-9220975


Managing Your Online Digital Marketing

Managing your online digital marketing is part & parcel of any business today as customers, potential customers expect it.. That’s it, plain & simple as customers want more & more.  Why, because it is all instantaneous, seamless, active, dynamic & digital.  Now we as customers want action, interaction, reaction, connectivity & information. If not, we will go elsewhere..

Is any of this a surprise? Is any of this new? No yet searching online you will find endless websites that have been abandoned, left to sell themselves with years old content, out of date copyright, social media dormant & in some cases potential customers not answered or forgotten about.. Yet these websites don’t survive without a hosting fee lifeline, one that the company/investor keeps paying on a yearly basis!! If you have any doubts, take a moment, come out of all your settings (as in gmail etc) & Google your business or even a competitors business… Enlightening.. Thus the concept of managing your online digital marketing!

Everyday we meet a new client who has decided that’s it, I’m going to make it work, I made an investment & it’s going no where.. Yes, they got the website designed, developed, branded but left it there… So now they decide to do something about it &

Manage Your Website & Social Media

We could talk about inbound marketing, share great insights about how many clicks you achieved from where, but the majority of businesses we ask, just say their top priority for online is, managing what’s there & keep it relevant!! That’s it really, unless they are selling a very particular product/service online that sells itself (a rare concept!).. Thus to keep it simple, yes we can manage your website & social media on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

No frills, no big promises, no big sales process required, just basically a simple routine, agreed in advance & followed appropriately. Here is our 5 step program;

1. Existing Presence is fine: We can manage most website systems or can work with your existing online developer to keep your website up to date so you don’t have to. We essentially become your digital media team, adding content, updating information, assisting with any issues that may arise. We are not interested in selling you a new website etc as we know you have made an investment already, we will just manage it.

2. Social Media: What is set up we can help to improve, like bio information, better profile & cover imagery, sharper messaging, good call to action. We can even integrate your social media to one management tool, thus only one message required across multi platforms. It really depends on your needs. (please note the different media may require different approaches)

3. Imagery: An area taken for granted until the email comes along with request for payment/unauthorised usage of images etc.. We can help set up a proper imagery account at very keen pricing with proof of purchase & rights to display properly approved. This will alleviate any concerns in relation to ownership rights & give you a bank of images to work with.

4. Designing the Message: Rather then just post an image, the engaged customer wants alot more, as they are only going to give your message a brief glance. Thus you need to insert a key message in your posts like “#FreeParking” or “DailyDelivery”, to catch not only catch their attention, but have them stop & consider the ambition/link/overall tone of your message.

5. Delivering: Just talking about it does not get you results. We work diligently to deliver your message across your chosen media, not just once but as often as you like. Keep in mind the more you communicate with your audience, the greater chance of conversion/sales/results. We devise the plan with your help & implement the process so you don’t have to!

So go on, start today by filling in the short enquiry form below. We will be in touch to discuss your digital needs & get your message out there, quickly & easily.

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Digital, There are No Limits


Digital there are no limits

Digital knows no limits & neither should you or your business.. Or to put it another way, with digital, there are no limits as the world is your oyster. Why?? Because the road to new business is only limited to your vision. Potential customers are now only a click away, the challenge for you is to stand out from all the white noise!

From Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat to Youtube, the user is the key & with digital, there are no limits. Each digital platform is a gateway, an avenue, a pathway to success & the possibilities are limitless as the potential is there, we as businesses just need to embrace it.

Too many times we meet very successful business owners who have the ideal product/service that is just not “clicking”, just not getting the attention it deserves, or more importantly is just not generating the required income to survive long term. With Digital, there are no limits & needs to be embraced like never before as the challenges like for example Brexit are creating new trading borders as we speak. So our target market needs to be broadened no matter the boundaries!

Take for instance the concept of say a big meeting, a presentation to an important client say, one that actually has a budget to spend (a God send for any business). Imagine this potential client as one who wants to hear your story, your raison d’etre, your unique selling point to make sure they have the right service provider. Now this meeting takes practice, rehearsal, research, preparation & even some finesse, all over a number of business days!

So there you are, all dressed up & in the room, hey on this occasion you actually pull it off, exhausted, jubilant & well  now you only have to fulfill all those promises, but you did it… (No bother as you really know what you are at)  But take a moment, yep a stop moment right in the middle of that presentation & think!! Why? Because the reality is it may win you one client on one day, but what good is it in the global business sense, as once it is over, you need to start again, for the next one & then the next one.. See where we are going?! Whereas if you think Digital, with digital, there are no limits. 

You see by taking some time to prepare, even record your best, digitally, it is there for ever as long as you maintain it!! Thus your best is not just a once off, not just a last tango, but now a successful sales & marketing tool to use no matter the occasion. Thus whether it be a website, social media content, presentation videos, short story about your business thinking (a really powerful message by the way!) the audience is not limited to just in the room & one client but by embracing digital, there are no limits, no restraints, just potential business in Ireland, UK, Europe, Middle East, USA etc, etc….

If you specialise in your business, we can help.. We don’t believe in fancy brochures on shelves, smart presentation booklets in drawers, we think digital, potential, growth & communication.

Call us today & lets make it last, digitally that is!!