Blog Training Seminar

To Blog is to communicate & communication means better understanding & more business. We at are firm believers in blogging thus we have developed a one day blog training seminar to help you blog………

Blog Training Services

So what’s in a blog?   What’s it’s purpose?   Do People read them?  Can they help with my website ranking?  Can you get training on how to blog?

Do any of these questions ring a bell with you, do you ask yourself these very questions sometimes when trying to develop your brand & push your message out there.

Well you are not on your own….. We here at digital36o get asked some of these at least once a week as business owners try to get on top of the latest way of growing their service online.  Thus with this in mind & some research we have developed a one day course in this very subject of blogging.

Our trainers are Train the Trainer Certified & will bring you through a step by step process on how to blog, what to say, the use of keywords & how to develop a strategy to improve your online presence.  We work with you to understand what is unique about your service and how to communicate that in the best possible way while helping to improve your overall online profile.

The course comes with full course notes & during the training we spend time developing strategies that best suit your particular service.  While it can be easy to type any type of blog message, we work with you to help produce effective content that is meaningful yet a boost to your online presence.